It’s Finished – Book 4 of the Ray Irish Coming Soon!

I’m pleased to say that No Remedy Against Death will be available around Thanksgiving after wrapping it up the second draft last night. Final edits will begin in Oct. This book is the final book of the series so it took quite a bit of work (more than I expected) to wrap up the story and some of the dangling strings from the other books.

You can find them all at the link below. Additionally, I plan on an Omnibus of the series in one ebook like the Clovel Sword Chronicles.

You can start the series for only 99 cents at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, etc.

Next Up!

No rest for the weary as I have more stories to complete as well as scripts for the Creepsi Twisted Tales (comic book series) that I’m working on. The link goes to the domain and information about the series.

Coming books

A Blood Debt – Book 4 of the Clovel Sword Sagas is in the pipeline, along with Dream Wraith and the second book to Curse of Blackbane.

Looking for Beta Readers

With the draft nearly completed on my upcoming work The Curse of Blackbane, I’m looking for Beta Readers among those who’ve an interest in my stories. It’s the first book of a new historical supernatural dark fantasy series.

Set in the 1780s in Europe, a brutal pirate tries to escape the curse of his evil past. Hunted by one of the seven princes of Hell, Blackbane has a vision from an obscure saint which might help remove the curse. Unexpected aid from a man who calls himself the Black Monk finds him an ally. However, the fat man who attaches himself to the pirate captain has secrets of his own. Following a brutal encounter with a demon and its offspring, the men find their loyalty tested. When a French duchess becomes involved, Blackbane learns that his past continues to follow him.

Draft Updates on Wattpad

To keep my blog refreshed on a consistent basis, I’ll be sharing my draft updates as they occur on Wattpad.

You can find most of my stories out there. I invite you to take a look if you’re interested in the development of the stories.

I’ve been working on another follow up story called Grave’s Peril that follows the Infinite Loop story arc. You can see that below. Please excuse the cover which is strictly for the draft.

Curse of Blackbane is another story in it’s early stages which is a dark fantasy based in the age of pirates. Again, just a couple of chapters available for the first draft.