Good News – Creepsi Issue 2 print edition coming soon!

I just received word today that our shipment of the Creepsi Twisted Tales June Issue is arriving next week. You’ll see the print edition available on our website with a link over to Etsy. We’re working on getting a full shopping site available in the next week or so as well for items like coffee mugs, tee shirts and posters from the works of our artists. Stay tuned!

And, of course, a shameless promotion of 4 of my books in one novel!

The Writing Never Stops

It’s been awhile since I’ve found time to post. Finally put the fourth and final book of the Ray Irish series into publication. Highlights below from the latest on Amazon (paperback and ebook).

Otherwise, more stories are coming in the next year. There is a follow up book to The Curse of Blackbane called Under a Red Moon (hopefully Spring 2021)

And another book in the Clovel Sword Saga coming in summer of 2021 (I guess I’m trying to sound like a Marvel trailer…lol). It’s called A Blood Debt

Finally, another work is coming in the next year that I’ve been working on for a while now. Called the Shadow Over Charax, it is a fantasy story set in a world of necromancy and 16th century arms. However, humanity is falling under the control of a necromancer named Grymr who sends his Gravers upon the last bastions of civilization. The fortress island of Charax is one of the few places not controlled by However, much like the society inside, the city is a decaying symbol of the past. Strict social and economic stratification allows the Chara to control the island along with the help of pirates who dominate the waters.


No Remedy Against Death coming in November 2020!

Well, it’s finally arrived. I’m happy to report that No Remedy Against Death has a cover. I still expect the story to become available during the first week of November in ebook and paperback.

For those who are unfamiliar with this supernatural mystery series, Ray Irish is a hard-drinking bum who ends up working as a shamus (private detective) just after World War Two in a corrupt place called Oyster City.

As a fan of hard-boiled standards like Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade, I’ve endeavored to give Ray Irish a similar cynical outlook on life along with a underlying sense of justice. However, Irish tries to survive in a place where a demonic cult runs things while it’s members bring forth the object of their desire.

I hope you’ll get a free download of a couple of cases solved by Ray Irish. Click on the picture below to my download page.

It’s Finished – Book 4 of the Ray Irish Coming Soon!

I’m pleased to say that No Remedy Against Death will be available around Thanksgiving after wrapping it up the second draft last night. Final edits will begin in Oct. This book is the final book of the series so it took quite a bit of work (more than I expected) to wrap up the story and some of the dangling strings from the other books.

You can find them all at the link below. Additionally, I plan on an Omnibus of the series in one ebook like the Clovel Sword Chronicles.

You can start the series for only 99 cents at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, etc.

Next Up!

No rest for the weary as I have more stories to complete as well as scripts for the Creepsi Twisted Tales (comic book series) that I’m working on. The link goes to the domain and information about the series.

Coming books

A Blood Debt – Book 4 of the Clovel Sword Sagas is in the pipeline, along with Dream Wraith and the second book to Curse of Blackbane.

Something to Beat the Summer Blues

Image by Fran_Mother_Of_Dogs from Pixabay

While not as great as Free Ice Cream, starting Thursday Morning 7/23/2020, the Clovel Sword Chronicles Omnibus Edition has a COUNTDOWN SALE on Amazon starting at 41% off.

Latest News from my world

Currently, the latest book of the Ray Irish Supernatural Mysteries is coming together nicely. I expect to see it finished sometime in Late August. Only a couple of chapters left and then quiet time to get the edit/beta reading done along with a cover. The story will tie up all the loose ends concerning the death of Greye La Spina, along with dozens of missing people, along with the rising fortunes of Andras, the demon taking over Oyster City.

Following the Ray Irish book, I’ll be focusing some of my energy on getting my Clovel Sword Graphic novel moving. It will involve an Indiegogo campaign. I’ve already received a commitment from the artist who’s interested in doing the panels. Here are some of the latest pictures that will provide main characters to the first story line based upon the Saga novellas.

Mivraa, demigoddess of Haligulf
Urith of Esterblud

Additionally, I have a new comic series in mind called, Creepsi Twisted Tales which requires work and funding. You’ll see updates on this in my Indiegogo campaign coming soon.