Start of 2020 – Latest News

After several requests, I’m pleased to announce that my Clovel Sword Saga Volume 1-3 is now available on Kindle Unlimited. A paperback version is also in the works and should roll out in the next couple of weeks.

These backstories were previously released as stand alone novellas. Now you can read the combined edition on Kindle Unlimited. The early adventures about Urith of Esterblud focus on his unsettled past as a mercenary fighter and treasure seeker.

Other Works in Progress

My Christmas kept me busy with new ideas and story lines coming. The following is a tentative schedule for upcoming releases. You can follow the real time progress with the draft chapters that I put out on Wattpad. Click on the links below to find out more.

First out of the gate for 2020 is the follow on story of the Clovel Sword Saga. The Bleeding Mountains novel finds Urith seeking work as a mercenary in the troubled lands of Rarfell. Right now it looks like a late February release date on all the online retailers.

The Curse of Blackbane should follow in mid summer. This is my first real push into historical fantasy. If you like pirates, angels, and demons, this story could fit the bill for you.

Shadow over Charax is probably the next book released in 2020. In a fantasy world falling under the dark shadow of necromancy, a smuggler must escape the clutches of the undead.

For those waiting on the next Ray Irish book, I suspect that will finish in late 2020 since I’ve just begun working on it. However, I might become suddenly inspired to bring Black Hanna (my first horror story), Madness of Dreams (horror, dark fantasy), or Dream Wraith (portal fantasy) into the top of my list. Sometimes the characters just want to get out.

Graves Peril – Another work in progress on Wattpad!