My Other Gig (or Where the Heck have you been?)

I know that I’m terrible about updating this blog. I find plenty of excuses, like I need to work on the next page of a novel, did the cat just throw up behind the couch, or there’s a great anime series I need to catch, etc. But, in fairness, there is another side project that has my attention which I’ve written about before that’s recently taken quite a bit of time.

The Creepsi comic series is slowly getting traction and I can reveal more details. For those who don’t know the background, here is a synopsis I put together that will go on the second page of every issue.

My goal is to have 2-3 stories for each monthly issue. One ongoing story (about 10 pages for the main story per issue), while the other illustrated tales will run 8-10 pages. For those interested in graphic novels, manga, and comics, I hope you will stop by (and share your thoughts) as you look over the drafts in place and other tidbits I’ll be adding to the Patreon site that I’ve created.

The first issue will have my twist to an HP Lovecraft story along with my own graphic story called, The Circuit Rider. I’m adding the first page draft for you to get a feel of the storyline. I have a new artist hard at work on the first 10 pages of the Circuit Rider and I should have another soon on my other stories. Hopefully, we should have something out in April. Drop me a line or comment about your interest or helpful ideas.

Something to Beat the Summer Blues

Image by Fran_Mother_Of_Dogs from Pixabay

While not as great as Free Ice Cream, starting Thursday Morning 7/23/2020, the Clovel Sword Chronicles Omnibus Edition has a COUNTDOWN SALE on Amazon starting at 41% off.

Latest News from my world

Currently, the latest book of the Ray Irish Supernatural Mysteries is coming together nicely. I expect to see it finished sometime in Late August. Only a couple of chapters left and then quiet time to get the edit/beta reading done along with a cover. The story will tie up all the loose ends concerning the death of Greye La Spina, along with dozens of missing people, along with the rising fortunes of Andras, the demon taking over Oyster City.

Following the Ray Irish book, I’ll be focusing some of my energy on getting my Clovel Sword Graphic novel moving. It will involve an Indiegogo campaign. I’ve already received a commitment from the artist who’s interested in doing the panels. Here are some of the latest pictures that will provide main characters to the first story line based upon the Saga novellas.

Mivraa, demigoddess of Haligulf
Urith of Esterblud

Additionally, I have a new comic series in mind called, Creepsi Twisted Tales which requires work and funding. You’ll see updates on this in my Indiegogo campaign coming soon.

A New Comic Series Project

Two pictures from a side project called The Circuit Rider which is a story for a new comic series called Creepsi Twisted Tales. I’ll be posting more as this Indiegogo project of mine kicks off. I’m working on several scripts between my novel writing (Book 4 of the Ray Irish Supernatural Mysteries). For your viewing pleasure, two pictures to get a feel of the story. The updates for this work will be available on the website as well.