Into the New Year

Well, it’s two weeks into 2019 and I’ve discovered I’m behind like normal. That said, I’m working heavily on my third book of the Ray Irish series so I should be grateful for the progress in at least one area.

Not trying to let bring a downer to start the year but I’ve notice comments on FB and other places about delays in royalties. It got me to thinking about earnings and such for independent authors. In my research I happened upon a podcast on Publisher’s Weekly about a recent income survey for authors. It’s kind of interesting, if a bit depressing. From my view, the good news was people can do well in the independent route. It appears that the salaries have increased significantly along that route for top tier writers since the last survey. Now I need to track down those numbers.

Here’s a link to the latest news from PW which is always a good scan just to keep up to date on the world.

On a positive note, I found this tidbit on Christmas sales and the indie authors from the ABA.

And, of course, I have to put in a plug for an upcoming sale for my book, Infinite Loop. Starting 1/17/19 it’s only 99 cents.

A Merry Christmas to one and all

Since I’ll be focused upon getting fatter among the spoils of the holiday season these next few days, I wish everyone all the best.

I’ve added some vintage Christmas cards which Ray Irish might have received in the 1940s.

Back in an age when you could laugh at innuendo…

Traditions held fond memories for young and old. When a Christmas show came through the radio and long distance travel to grandma’s might mean a train.

The new Gordon Brewer site is now live

For those readers seeking updates, I’ve finally moved my website over to a site that should be less time intensive and (hopefully) updated more often.

Latest from my world:

Over the summer I’ve made some progress with new books and novellas.  Working titles are as follows:

  • The Corpse Pays the Bill: Ray Irish Drifter’s Tale (Mystery Novella Freebie est. Dec 2018 release).
  • Drink with the Devil at Midnight – third book of the Ray Irish occult mystery series (est Jan 2019 release).
  • Age of Dark Overlords – A fantasy prequel book to the Clovel Sword series (Spring 2019). Book 1 of several more.

Other stories coming 2019:

  • The Curse of Blackbane – A dark historical fantasy/horror set in the age of pirates.
  • Shadow Over Charax – Dark fantasy within a world of necromancy and black magic.
  • Blood Contract: A Soul Ripper Story –  An immortal roams the earth searching for those people who seek to renege on their agreement with the demons.
  • and Black Hanna – Those eyes in the night might belong to something worse than a witch.

In other news:

A good story about Stan Lee I thought you might enjoy.

Also, for those interested in marketing on Facebook, an article from an independent author.