It’s Getting Closer

With a new website, I’m pleased to say 2 illustrators have agreed to work on two of the first stories for Creepsi Issue #1 which should be ready by May 1. I should have more details soon but to give you a sense of one story, here’s a draft page to whet your appetite.

Circuit Rider

I hope you enjoy this tidbit as I should have more coming soon. I’ll put out updates as I receive them. In the meantime, please take a look at our Patreon page.

My Other Gig (or Where the Heck have you been?)

I know that I’m terrible about updating this blog. I find plenty of excuses, like I need to work on the next page of a novel, did the cat just throw up behind the couch, or there’s a great anime series I need to catch, etc. But, in fairness, there is another side project that has my attention which I’ve written about before that’s recently taken quite a bit of time.

The Creepsi comic series is slowly getting traction and I can reveal more details. For those who don’t know the background, here is a synopsis I put together that will go on the second page of every issue.

My goal is to have 2-3 stories for each monthly issue. One ongoing story (about 10 pages for the main story per issue), while the other illustrated tales will run 8-10 pages. For those interested in graphic novels, manga, and comics, I hope you will stop by (and share your thoughts) as you look over the drafts in place and other tidbits I’ll be adding to the Patreon site that I’ve created.

The first issue will have my twist to an HP Lovecraft story along with my own graphic story called, The Circuit Rider. I’m adding the first page draft for you to get a feel of the storyline. I have a new artist hard at work on the first 10 pages of the Circuit Rider and I should have another soon on my other stories. Hopefully, we should have something out in April. Drop me a line or comment about your interest or helpful ideas.

News While Isolated Inside

Fickle Mother Nature decided to dump snow and ice on middle Tennessee recently, leading me to reflect on current and upcoming work.

As part of the constant struggle to market books as an unknown writer, I’ve added my stories to Bookshop which focuses on local indie bookstores throughout the nation.

For those who’ve been following my series, I’ve also put all of the Ray Irish Occult Mysteries into a single volume. Four books from Ray Irish arriving at Oyster City to his final confrontation against Andras. It’s available on Kindle Unlimited.

As for new work, I’m plodding along with a new fantasy called Shadow over Charax which is nearly complete. I’ll follow up soon with other news of projects and work that’s coming.

A New Year and A Revamped Website

Hello to 2021! At the start of our new, and hopefully better, year, I’m presenting my updated website. I know that it’s not huge news but the site carries a lot more functionality and better handles the growing number of books that I’ve written over the course of several years. I hope you stop by and give it a look over, kick the tires and let me know what you think.

More information about new stories, interviews with the main characters, maps of the lands of Kamin, etc. are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Start 2021 with my latest book – Final Chapter of the Ray Irish Series.

The Writing Never Stops

It’s been awhile since I’ve found time to post. Finally put the fourth and final book of the Ray Irish series into publication. Highlights below from the latest on Amazon (paperback and ebook).

Otherwise, more stories are coming in the next year. There is a follow up book to The Curse of Blackbane called Under a Red Moon (hopefully Spring 2021)

And another book in the Clovel Sword Saga coming in summer of 2021 (I guess I’m trying to sound like a Marvel trailer…lol). It’s called A Blood Debt

Finally, another work is coming in the next year that I’ve been working on for a while now. Called the Shadow Over Charax, it is a fantasy story set in a world of necromancy and 16th century arms. However, humanity is falling under the control of a necromancer named Grymr who sends his Gravers upon the last bastions of civilization. The fortress island of Charax is one of the few places not controlled by However, much like the society inside, the city is a decaying symbol of the past. Strict social and economic stratification allows the Chara to control the island along with the help of pirates who dominate the waters.


No Remedy Against Death coming in November 2020!

Well, it’s finally arrived. I’m happy to report that No Remedy Against Death has a cover. I still expect the story to become available during the first week of November in ebook and paperback.

For those who are unfamiliar with this supernatural mystery series, Ray Irish is a hard-drinking bum who ends up working as a shamus (private detective) just after World War Two in a corrupt place called Oyster City.

As a fan of hard-boiled standards like Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade, I’ve endeavored to give Ray Irish a similar cynical outlook on life along with a underlying sense of justice. However, Irish tries to survive in a place where a demonic cult runs things while it’s members bring forth the object of their desire.

I hope you’ll get a free download of a couple of cases solved by Ray Irish. Click on the picture below to my download page.

It’s Finished – Book 4 of the Ray Irish Coming Soon!

I’m pleased to say that No Remedy Against Death will be available around Thanksgiving after wrapping it up the second draft last night. Final edits will begin in Oct. This book is the final book of the series so it took quite a bit of work (more than I expected) to wrap up the story and some of the dangling strings from the other books.

You can find them all at the link below. Additionally, I plan on an Omnibus of the series in one ebook like the Clovel Sword Chronicles.

You can start the series for only 99 cents at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, etc.

Next Up!

No rest for the weary as I have more stories to complete as well as scripts for the Creepsi Twisted Tales (comic book series) that I’m working on. The link goes to the domain and information about the series.

Coming books

A Blood Debt – Book 4 of the Clovel Sword Sagas is in the pipeline, along with Dream Wraith and the second book to Curse of Blackbane.

Heading into Fall

Well, I discovered that I’ve not been updating this blog as I intended. It’s already September, so where did the time go? Obviously, not on my last book of the Ray Irish series. It’s still not complete, not even in the final edit stage. I guess that means I’ll be pushing to have it ready by December now. It’s a disappointment but not unusual with normal life events that arise (or just plan laziness on my part). Ah, well it becomes a Christmas stocking item!

I guess I’ll leave this with links to the two books that were released in 2020 so far.