Something to Beat the Summer Blues

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While not as great as Free Ice Cream, starting Thursday Morning 7/23/2020, the Clovel Sword Chronicles Omnibus Edition has a COUNTDOWN SALE on Amazon starting at 41% off.

Latest News from my world

Currently, the latest book of the Ray Irish Supernatural Mysteries is coming together nicely. I expect to see it finished sometime in Late August. Only a couple of chapters left and then quiet time to get the edit/beta reading done along with a cover. The story will tie up all the loose ends concerning the death of Greye La Spina, along with dozens of missing people, along with the rising fortunes of Andras, the demon taking over Oyster City.

Following the Ray Irish book, I’ll be focusing some of my energy on getting my Clovel Sword Graphic novel moving. It will involve an Indiegogo campaign. I’ve already received a commitment from the artist who’s interested in doing the panels. Here are some of the latest pictures that will provide main characters to the first story line based upon the Saga novellas.

Mivraa, demigoddess of Haligulf
Urith of Esterblud

Additionally, I have a new comic series in mind called, Creepsi Twisted Tales which requires work and funding. You’ll see updates on this in my Indiegogo campaign coming soon.

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Gordon Brewer is the pseudonym for a professional geek, history buff, and full time dad who took up a challenge from his son to finish his first novel and enter the world of writing. Raised on a farm in Kansas, the author spent nearly 5 years in the US Navy traveling to 12 different countries during this time. After his discharge, he received his BS degree with majors in History and Political Science. Over the next 20 years, Gordon focused on the business and IT world. His experiences left him with a need to explore wide ranging interests in multiple genres, each with historical consideration given to the characters and settings. Residing in Tennessee, he often uses his family and friends as unfortunate guinea pigs where they are forced to listen to his tales, no matter how poorly conceived they may be.

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